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Have you been brainstorming about an interior painting makeover but don’t know where to start? With countless painting options, it’s common for homeowners to be left stumped with questions on what direction and style of paint color they wish to go with. What color will be best fitting? What paint finish is best? How to paint an accent wall? Paint is a powerful tool. It can change your mood, your style, and even the size of your space.

What paint color will make a space appear the largest?

Living in a small home? There are a lot of ways to increase the visual appearance of your space, even if you can’t increase your actual square footage. This includes a wide variety of colors that make a room look bigger—and feel bigger, too. By making smart choices with your home’s color schemes, you can give the illusion of more space and help make better use of the space that you have. To answer this question, Pro-Vision paints recommends going with a brighter, pale paint color, such as off-white, pale blue and Light Gray. These lighter colors will keep the space brighter and airy and overall appear larger.

What paint finish is right for me?

If you’re in the process choosing a paint finish, knowing the full menu of options can help. Here are the five paint finishes:
  • Flat (Matte)
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semigloss
  • Gloss
FLAT FINISH gives your walls a uniformly smooth appearance. This paint finish is perfect for areas where you want to minimize reflection of the paint’s surface, like living rooms and dining rooms. Flat paint helps mask any less-than-smooth areas in the walls, like nail holes, patches or nail pops. It’s also a natural for ceilings. Low-sheen paints require fewer coats than higher-sheen paints, because there’s less contrast between the touch-up and the rest of the paint job.
EGGSHELL FINISHES are a great option for almost any room because it has a soft look of an eggshell. While the finish is low gloss, it’s more reflective than flat paint. Because of its slightly higher sheen, it’s also easier to clean and more durable than flat.
SATIN FINISHES are the most used finish. They reflect more light than eggshell and flat and are good for high-traffic areas like halls and kids’ rooms. They’re even easier to clean than their less shiny counterparts.
SEMIGLOSS FINISHES are more reflective than satin, giving rooms a slightly shiny look. This can make darker rooms brighter, especially when used in light tones like white, cream and other neutrals. While the glossy surface shows more imperfections, it’s good for high-humidity rooms like bathrooms because it resists moisture. Easy to clean, semigloss makes a good option for trim and doors.
GLOSS FINISHES are the diva of the group with the highest level of reflectivity. Most commonly used on cabinets, molding and doors, gloss requires more coats than its more matte cousins, but it also cleans up easiest.
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Should I paint an accent wall?

An accent wall designed in a room, whether a bedroom or a living space, can help you focus attention to certain areas of the room. It may make the room feel bigger, or even make it feel cozier and more inviting should it be a much larger room that feels too clinical and bare. Accent painted walls are made to draw attention and are paired well with wall décor, plants or mirrors, adding tons a style to any room with very little cost.
Pro-Vision Paints have completed many coastal themed accent walls for homes in the Jacksonville Beach area, bringing the coastal theme to any home. Blue and white tones have been a recent favorite.
If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida region and are ready to take the next step to falling in love with your home again, give Pro-Vision Paints a call for a free estimate. Our team can tackle any paint project, large or small. 
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