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Hiring a Professional Painting Company

Is a paint makeover on your mind? Are you looking to hire a professional painting company?

There are many things to consider when you’re looking to hire a paint contractor whether it’s a small room or a large, commercial building. Your home is one of the most important investments of your life and when doing home renovations, make sure it’s done right the first time by someone you can trust.

Pro-Vision Painting: Things to look for when finding the best painting company for you:

  • Start by searching for painting companies that have a high google rating with plenty of 5 star reviews. Google ratings & reviews can quickly tell you if a company is professional and trustworthy or not. If a painting company is constantly receiving 1 or 2 star reviews, this pretty much speaks for itself. Chances are these companies don’t provide the highest level of services or professionalism, therefore, stay clear! Focus of painting companies that offer a 4 to 5 star rating with plenty of trustworthy reviews from past clients. This shows the company is reputable and puts their customers first by providing top notch customer service and painting services. Pro-Vision Painting is proud to hold a 5 star review on Google, Angi, Home advisor and NextDoor.

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Home Advisor:

  • Word of Mouth is key. Find someone who has personally been a satisfied customer to a reputable painting company. If they were very pleased with the painting services they received, chances are you will be as well.
  • Look for a painter that has a strong portfolio of past projects they have completed. A visual portfolio is one of the best ways to view the quality of work they provide to each client, along with attention to detail that you are paying a professional to do.
  • It’s best to look for a company that offers in person estimates. It’s common for professional paint contractors to visit the job sight and personally inspect the space requested to be painted prior to starting a project. This allows the paint contractor to accurately give an estimate based on how much work and material cost that will be needed to complete the job to the highest level. They do this in order to see how much prep work will be involved, amount of paint to cover the entire surface area and how much time will be needed to complete. Along with the inspection, many painting companies offer color consultations with the client, offering color and finish options as well as their professional opinions. Listen to the pros, they are experts after all.
  • Completion time is also something to consider when choosing the right paint contractor. We don’t want to rush these professionals, but also don’t want to live around a chaotic construction zone for an extensive period of time.
  • It might feel a bit strange, but put those feelings aside and confirm that your contractor has insurance before doing business with them. Remember that the contractor is working at your house or property. While you may have insurance to cover accidents that happen on your property, it is the contractor’s responsibility to have adequate insurance as well.
Pro-Vision Painting

Pro-Vison Painting is one of Jacksonville’s top rated painting companies and strive to provide top quality painting services and customer service to all residents in Northeast Florida. If you are in the market to hire a professional for your next painting project, Pro-Vision Painting is only a click or call away.

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