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Can paint affect the value of your home in Jacksonville, FL?

There are so many factors that are involved in the sale of a home, and the color and quality of the homes interior and exterior paint could play a much larger role than most people realize.

In fact, bold colors can actually distract potential buyers from visualizing themselves in the home. So, is it worth the time and cost to repaint your home if you’re putting it up on the market? How much value does painting your home really add?

Do's and dont's when painting your home before it hits the market.

DO: Light Blue or Light Gray bathrooms

  • According to Zillow, home buyers are willing to pay 1.6% more for a home with light blue or light gray painted walls. 2021 studies found buyers are attracted to light and clean color tones such as Gray, Light Blue and off white.


DO: Gray Living or off white rooms

  • In 2021, potential buyers are more likely to visualize themselves living in a home with more modern, neutral tones such as Gray, off white or even light beige. Lighter, more modern paint also allow living rooms to be brighter and appear large.


DO: Blue or Gray Bedrooms

  • In the last few years, blue has been one of the top paint choices for bedrooms. Homeowners and buyers claim blue is a great selection and promotes a cozy, and relaxed feel and can be a good change from the other neutral tones of the house without being distracting. Studies find buyers would be willing to pay $1,491 more for a home with more modern interior paint colors.

DO: White or Warm Gray Kitchens

  • The kitchen is known to be one of the top three selling points to a home, so the correct paint color and finish plays a huge role on the sale of a home. A bright, white paint color allows the kitchen to have a fresh and airy feel to it, which home owners and buyer strive for. Contrasting colors have also been a huge impact with higher sale prices over the last several years. If the main kitchen color is a bright white, a darker gray paint could be a great, contrasting touch for the cabinets or even backspash.



DO: Hire a professional painting company

  • Hiring a professional painting company should be at the top of this list because quality matters! If you’re investing the money in painting your home, make sure it is done to the best of quality. Here at Pro-Vision Painting, you can trust our crew to provide a top quality painting service whether were painting a large, 2 story living room or a simple kitchen cabinet accent paint job. Not hiring a professional could lead to poor painting techniques and errors, allowing buyers to quickly notice the imperfections and automatically taking into count the costly amount it will require them to have repainted, which could negatively effect the sale price.



DON’T: Bold and colorful kitchen colors

  • Remember, the kitchen is one of the top selling points to any home and if buyers walk into a kitchen with unattractive paint, some buyers can be automatically turned away. Avoid dark reds, orange or yellows as most find the colors extremely out dated and a thing of the past.



DON’T: Out Dated Wallpapers

  • Removing outdated wallpapers can improve sales prices dramatically. The closer to a turn-key finished home, the better. Many buyers fear the time and cost of removing and painting walls that are covered with wallpaper. 72% of people find that walls with wallpaper reduce the price of homes.

Conclusion: GO NEUTRAL

  • Modern color palettes have remained popular for the last few years, allowing sellers to get top dollar for their homes, with whites, grays and blues being the top color of choices. Neutral tones allow buyers to better visualize themselves in the home, which will always drive offer prices up.


  • Hire a professional painting company is a great way to invest and will maximize your return with the sale. We’ve all hear the term if you’re going to do it, do it right the first time.